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die Letzte Nacht ,2015

마지막밤/The last night, 09:00min, HD, Single channel video, Sound


At the beginning of the video, one woman appears with the stars shining in the dark. Her protectors appear, one after another, and take their places around her. They stand by her, patting her, reading her, and praying for her. Due to their help, she falls into a deeper sleep. She is alone again, the last guardian comes to her, and she covers her with a blanket. She, finally resting in peace, disappears as the stars in the dark sky. Die letzte Nacht: The last night is based on the personal experience of sleeping and death, a message of condolence for the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster and the bereaved family.

Jang Yeonho locked up, chopped, erased, hid or multiplied herself in her previous projects. This time she created thirteen women for this project. For a woman lying down with her eyes closed, each woman rubs her stomach, sings a lullaby, reads a book, pacifies and try to hear what she says, comfort her with a doll and a flower, rub a foot, prays and etc. in turn through the night like twelve apostles following Jesus. She lies still as if she is dead, but she twists and turns being cared by others. Then she falls into a deep sleep and finally disappears. It is impressive that the artist says the process of this project help her overcoming the time of feeling her incompetence after the Sewol Ferry disaster.

                                                                                                                                (Independent curator and a culture consultant_Moon Hokyung)

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